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The building consists in a center for palliative care for terminally ill patients. Located in Lago Oeste, surrounding the city of Brasília, on top of Chapada da Contagem (enviromental protection area). The visual axis is of utmost importance to the project. The hospice is more than a place, it is a philosophy and all facilities were designed to provide comfort for patients, family and staff. This space offers single and double rooms, physiotherapy area, occupational therapy, family room, spa and service areas such as industrial kitchen and laundry facilities, and the administrative area. The volumetry adopted was shaped by the concept that there is no visual hierarchy in between the rooms. The purpose of this form is symbolic and functional. The main point to be explored is the visual of the plateau, where skyline can be seen, in rainy season the horizon line is above the clouds, creating a feeling of being on a higher plane. The circular shape generates an internal focal point and provides the best use of the facade to the rooms, while administrative and service areas are located in the posterior portion of the building without direct relation to the rooms.

The facade’s composition is an analysis of solids and voids, seeking improvement in contemplation of the landscape from the rooms and framing the visual. The enrichment proposed in contemplation are given in function of backs and forwards the façade, enabling shading in the recessed areas. Facade’s design - a formal study of withdrawal of volumes being worked with setbacks of 0, 1.5 and 3 meters.

Saunders Institute

Integration in Barcelona's grid

  • Typology: Healthcare
  • Year: 2012
  • Location: Brasília Brazil
  • Area: 11.000m²/ 11,8403ft²
  • Number of rooms: 48
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