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The project of this hospital is based under three concepts: integration with the city, humanization and innovation. It is located in the center of Barcelona, therefore the height of surrounding buildings has been respected and the pedestrian circulation improved, reducing the impact of car traffic. To enhance the experience inside the building for both users and neighbors on the west side of the site is located a public park and the building has interior patios to ensure natural lighting, ventilation and privileged views of the surroundings on all floors. The innovation is guaranteed by the modular structure with slender steel pillars positioned on every 10 or 15 meters, which allows flexibility to reorganize the facilities and large enough to be the entrance of the medical equipment with the introduction of new technologies.

Hospital Urbá - Urban Hospital

Integration in Barcelona's grid

  • Typology: Healthcare
  • Year: 2016
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Area: 9.000m²/ 96,875ft²
  • Number of rooms: 66
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