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Nice to meet you! I’m 29 years old and a brazilian architect with an interesting background and lots of aspirations. I came from a family of lawyers and doctors, therefore it’s safe to say that I’ve got all the creativity for myself! Having been born and raised in Brasilia, an architectural and urbanistic center in Brazil, was probably the trigger that got me into Architecture and Urbanism School. Not only did I want to design buildings, but I also craved to improve people’s lives. For that reason, after graduating, I decided to study healthcare architecture. After completing a post-graduation course in Brasília, I realized that I wanted to gain more knowledge in the area. The desire to learn how to design structures in a different country, with a distinct climate, culture, and healthcare system, led me to Spain to acquire another specialization degree. After the news on the war in Syria, I was concerned with people that lacked shelter and healthcare. Thus, the idea regarding transportable healthcare came to mind. As I began researching the subject in order to write an article, I fell in love with it and I am currently studying new technologies in healthcare architecture.